Shoulder Pain Charleston: What are the
Common Causes?

You know that dull, aching pain you get in your shoulder when you move it just the wrong way? Or the sharp, shooting pain that seems to come out of nowhere? Whether it’s acute or chronic, shoulder pain can be a real pain in the… shoulder. But what exactly causes shoulder pain?

One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is rotator cuff tendinitis. This occurs when the tendons around the shoulder joint become inflamed. The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and tendons that hold the shoulder in place and enable it to move. When these tendons become irritated or inflamed, it can cause shoulder pain.

Another common cause of shoulder pain is impingement syndrome. This occurs when the shoulder blade puts pressure on the rotator cuff muscles and tendons. This can happen when the shoulder is overused or when there is a sudden change in activity level (such as when you start working out after a long period of inactivity).

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, it’s important to see a doctor or physiotherapist to get an accurate diagnosis. Once the cause of your shoulder pain is determined, they will be able to recommend treatment options that will help relieve your pain and improve your shoulder function.

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