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Dr. Russo has been in practice for 22 years in Georgia and South Carolina. He is a graduate of Life University, College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. in 2000 and he received his undergraduate degree from Regents College in NY. His varied practice experience includes 10 years spent in a multidisciplinary office setting co-managing patient care with medical doctors, pain management practitioners, orthopedists, nutritionists, nurse practitioners and physical therapists. He continually strives to bring the latest, cutting edge care to his patients. In 2017, Dr. Russo received his General Certification in Chiropractic Biophysics while attending class in Boise, Idaho. Chiropractic Biophysics is the most research and published technique for restoring health through proper posture for a lifetime of optimal health.

Dr. Russo’s approach to health and wellness is simple yet comprehensive. His focus of care is involves the entire musculoskeletal and nervous system and the negative impact that muscle imbalance and specifically, poor posture, has on your overall health. By combining specific chiropractic techniques, rehabilitative protocols, and traction for posture correction, he is able to restore neurological function and eliminate pain while improving posture, flexibility and strength. His goal is to eliminate pain quickly while providing the foundation for ideal posture and lasting results with an aggressive, multifaceted approach in dealing with the variety of health issues his patients present with each day. Posture is key to a healthy spine, and a healthy spine is critical to your overall health!

As part of his community outreach, Dr. Russo has been a frequent educational speaker for numerous businesses on behalf of the National Center for Employee Education, the county school system, and the county library. Dr. Russo is an avid scuba diver and is a current a volunteer for the Seacoast Church E3 Mentoring program. He has also been involved with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Georgia Aquarium and the Humane Society of the United States. He loves the outdoors, motorcycling, the arts and traveling. He is very excited to be a part of the Charleston, SC community.

Dr. Lee Russo

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